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The 3 Best Waterproof Dog Beds

Since the moment you get him/her, training is more than likely a big focus of yours. You want your pup to be smart, respectful, obedient, and clean. But as all pet owners know, no matter how much you train your pup, accidents are bound to happen––and that includes wetting their bed.

This can be especially frustrating for you as the dog’s owner. You keep a clean home to the best of your ability, only to find that your dog had an accident in the middle of the night. As you may very well know, the pungent smell marinates into your furniture and carpets, making it hard to remove the rancid odor. Furthermore, your dog’s bed may need to be replaced on a regular basis as the accidents may leave odors and stains that are hard to remove.

However, while this is all definitely frustrating for you as the owner, just keep in mind that it’s also equally frustrating for your dog. After all, dogs don’t like to soil their own area, especially when it comes to the place where little Fido lays his head at night.

That’s where waterproof dog beds come in handy. These special waterproof dog beds are great if your dog is bound to have accidents or has a weaker bladder with age. Puppies and senior dogs tend to have accidents the most, but middle-aged dogs can still have an accident here and there, which makes a waterproof dog bed a great option for any and all. But which one do you choose? There are many waterproof dog beds available on the market for you to choose from which can make it a hard decision.

To help make your decision process (much) easier, let’s take a look at the three best waterproof dog beds. We’ve reviewed and collected a list of the best of the best waterproof dog beds so that you don’t have to. We’ve also provided some great details on what a waterproof dog bed is and how to select the right one for your dog. This will ensure that you buy the best dog bed for your furry friend that is high-quality, functional, and bound to last your dog for a very long time.

What is a Waterproof Dog Bed Anyway?

When people hear of a waterproof dog bed, they tend to imagine a completely waterproof dog bed that is made of some sort of slick and uncomfortable material, such as rubber. However, this isn’t the case. Instead, you’ll find that waterproof dog beds look the same––and are just as comfortable––as your typical dog bed you’d probably choose for your furry loved one.

What makes waterproof dog beds special is that they are typically lined with a waterproof cover that is sewn onto the underside of the cloth so that excess liquid doesn’t leak. Without this waterproof bottom cover, the liquid would have seeped onto your flooring or soaked into your dog’s fur as he/she tried to maneuver around the mess. The waterproof lining allows the liquid to seep away from the bed so that your dog can still get a decent night’s sleep and your floor will remain clean.

Waterproof Versus Water-Resistant

When it comes to dog beds, waterproof is always better than water-resistant. The thing is, there’s a big difference between the two. Waterproof beds consist of a layer of cloth and a waterproof material sewn underneath to stop liquid from seeping onto the floor. Water-resistant dog beds, on the other hand, are actually completely coated with a material that repels water. It doesn’t stop all liquid from seeping through and tends to make a crackling noise when your dog moves around on it.

Reasons to Get a Waterproof Dog Bed for Your Dog

Although a waterproof dog bed is great for all dogs and situations, there are a few truly compelling reasons to buy a waterproof dog bed for your furry friend. Here are a few:

  • Waterproof dog beds tend to last longer than your average dog bed.
  • Your dog will enjoy better sleep without being wet and uncomfortable in his/her own urine.
  • Frequent cleanup is a breeze, especially if you have a puppy or senior dog that tends to have accidents more frequently.
  • May help to absorb and prevent odors from spreading throughout the house or into the carpet/flooring.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your New Waterproof Dog Bed

Now that we’ve discussed some basic facts on waterproof dog beds and why you should get one, let’s take a look at the most important criteria to consider as you shop for your new waterproof dog bed. After all, you want to make sure that the bed you buy is functional and fit for your furry family member.


Obviously, it’s important to get a bed that’s the right size for your dog. You don’t want your dog to be spilling over the bed, nor do you want your dog to get lost in the bed. If the bed is too small, your dog may avoid sleeping in it altogether. If it’s too large, your dog may have enough room to designate a section of the bed as a corner for urinating, which is no good either. Instead, choose a size that fits your dog just right.


As with most things, the new waterproof dog bed is an investment, which means you’ll need to consider the price. Most waterproof dog beds are fairly affordable, but some options do end up getting pretty pricey. The options reviewed on this list are high-quality yet affordable.


Since the bed tends to be a special place for dogs, it’s likely the new bed you buy will see a lot of traffic and use. Because of this, you want to make sure that the bed you buy is durable and strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. Special gadgets and zippers all look great, but you’re typically better off buying a waterproof bed that’s simple and seamless in construction.

Ease of Maintenance

You want the bed you buy to be easy to wash and clean. You are buying a waterproof dog bed with the expectation that a few accidents will happen, after all. If the bed has a removable cover, that’s even better.

Stuffing Material

Aside from brand and size, this is typically a factor that affects the price of the bed. If you opt for a regular foam or gel insert, you can usually find a waterproof dog bed that’s fairly inexpensive. As you move toward the orthopedic memory foam options, however, the price tends to jump up a bit.

When choosing the stuffing material for the new dog bed, just make sure that you keep your dog’s comfort in mind as well. Some materials tend to be hotter than others and may not be a good fit for your dog if he/she tends to overheat easily.

The Three Best Waterproof Dog Beds

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the three best waterproof dog beds your money can buy. They are all proven to be high-quality, comfortable, and affordable. Let’s dig in.

#1: Plush Dog Bed

When it comes to comfort for your dog, nothing beats the softness and coziness of plush. The extra-soft fleece of the Plush Dog Bed is super comfy, allowing your dog to lounge around by day and sleep by night with ease. Especially if your dog is older, one side of the bed is lowered to make it easier for your furry loved one to step in and out as needed.Plush Dog Bed different colors

The bed is waterproof of course and is made of durable oxford materials that can withstand heavy traffic and frequent accidents. The Plush Dog Bed has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and comes available in several sizes.

#2: Waterproof Cozy Dog Bed

The Waterproof Cozy Dog Bed is yet another waterproof dog bed that is comfortable and functional at the same time. Designed to give your pet a safe place to keep warm, the micro suede material is soft to the touch yet hard to be destroyed. The bed features a rectangular design for more sleeping surface and a bolster which helps to support your dog’s head and back while resting.

Waterproof Cozy Dog Bed White

The Waterproof Cozy Dog Bed is available in many different colors and sizes, helping you find the perfect bed for your dog that matches his/her size and fur color. This bed also comes with a 100% quality guarantee and is waterproof to prevent liquid seepage.

#3: Waterproof Dog Bed

After a long day of playing or even working in the field, this waterproof dog bed is the perfect place for your furry friend to catch a nap or simply lounge around. The sleeping area is spacious and super plush, which allows your dog to keep warm and snuggle up within the folds. It also features bolsters to promote head and back support for your dog and a lowered side for easy in-and-out access.

Waterproof Dog Bed different colors

Not only that, but the Waterproof Dog Bed features a paw print design that makes it even more appealing to you as the owner. This bed is waterproof, durable, and comes with DoggiDreams’ 100% quality guarantee. Available in two colors and several sizes so you can best accommodate your beloved furry friend.


And there you have it – these are the three best waterproof dog beds your money can buy. Now that you’ve learned a little more about what a waterproof dog bed is and what criteria to consider as you search, you can see that the three beds above hit several criteria head-on.

They’re waterproof (not water-resistant), available in a wide range of sizes, easy to maintain, made of high-quality materials, comfortable for your dog, and very easy on the wallet. No matter which of the three waterproof dog beds you choose from above, you can have peace of mind that they are the best of their kind. They all come with DoggiDreams’ 100% quality guarantee as well to back that up.