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2-in-1 Bathing and Massager Spray

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Make Bathing A Relaxing Experience For Your Dog!

This multifunctional bathing tool is to make pets clean and healthy. It is a wearable combination of sprayer and scrubber, giving you total control over your pet and the flow of water during bathing time. Save time, reduce the mess, and eliminated the stress of bath time for you and your pet. 

  • WET SPRAY BRUSH - is an all-in-one shower sprayer, scrub and shampoo brush. Speed up bath time and reduce water and stress when you bathe anxious pets.
  • GAIN CONTROL - An ergonomic handheld comb gives you total control over pets during washing. Wash with one hand while holding your pet with the other. The lightweight flexible tool gives you control to soak pets in the most unruly of situations.
  • CONTROL WATER FLOW - Water is sprayed on demand from the silicon comb on your wrist allowing you to soak the densest fur, shampoo and rinse with a simple on/off click. Adjustable straps for the comb fit securely on any hand size for either hand.
  • TWO REMOVABLE FAUCET ADAPTERS - Connect to either your shower, bathtub or to your outdoor garden hose. Great for people who walk dogs regularly in muddy parks or run them in streams. Clean up outside with the hose adapter. Perfect for cats too!
  • ECONOMICAL - Pet grooming services are very expensive. And who has the time and money to take the dog to a professional grooming service? Now you can easily groom your dog fast after every walk while controlling fleas with the built-in flea comb!



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